Amazon Decides To Not Sell Any New Nest Products

Amazon Decides To Not Sell Any New Nest Products

Its proximity to Amazon's biggest rival has been giving it trouble since late past year when the site decided not to stock the company's newer products like the latest Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam IQ.

Amazon's decision is expected to heat up even more its ongoing battle with Google over the smart home market. It's not the first time Amazon has refused to sell Google's products.

In 2015, Amazon pulled Chromecast and Apple TV listings over their lack of Prime Video support. Nest products on Amazon will still be available until sold out and will not be restocked. Its parent company and Amazon have been involved in a feud for quite some time now and it appears that the former made a decision to escalate that late past year. Nest employees who were on the call ended the discussion under the impression that the decision had come from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, although Amazon's retail team didn't explicitly say that at any point, according to a person familiar with the call.

As of March 5th, you can still buy the third generation Nest thermostat, the nest smoke alarm, the indoor cam and the outdoor cam on sold directly from Nest, but Business Insider reports said that once stock runs out, it won't be refilled. Sources said Nest preferred to offer its full portfolio of devices or none at all.

After multiple failed attempts with smartphones and a chilly reception of its latest Fire tablets, Amazon hopes to revive sales with its AI-powered smart home assistant Alexa. Recently, Amazon announced its acquisition of Ring's smart doorbell business, a home security system that would directly compete with Nest's devices. Amazon continues to sell similar products from other manufacturers such as August, Lighthouse, etc. The report, which based its findings on a survey of 1,500 smart speaker owners, predicts that 55% of homes in the two countries will have smart speakers by 2022, up from an estimated 13% at present.

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