Races to Watch in Tuesday's Primaries

Races to Watch in Tuesday's Primaries

Early voting results are bad for predicting the outcome of elections.

That was double the party's early voting totals for the 2014 midterm election and surpassed the 420,329 people who voted early in this year's Republican nominating contest. On the Republican side, I'm watching what happens to the three incumbents in the state Legislature who are being targeted by Abbott. "It is imperative that all Texans wishing to cast a vote start early and undertake the necessary preparations to be able to vote". Although Texas Democrats have been largely shut out of statewide office for the past two decades, they've been closing the gap with Republicans.

A state typically dominated by Republicans is experiencing a surge in enthusiasm from the left with Democrats casting more ballots during Texas' early voting period in the 15 largest counties, according to state election figures for cumulative in-person and mail-in ballots.

In a major political role reversal, Texas Republicans are approaching Tuesday's primaries concerned they'll be outvoted by Democrats, and Democrats are daring to hope the sky-high turnout by their party in early voting presages big gains in November.

Democratic Sen. Dwight Bullard of Miami lost to Republican Frank Artiles in south Miami-Dade, and Republican Sen. Add to the mix, a tight Democratic race to face off against incumbent Governor Greg Abbott, a crowded race to fill the seat vacated by republican congressman Ted Poe, and the idea that incumbent Republican John Culberson might be vulnerable, and you have popcorn-worthy viewing all over the country.

She says local Democratic officials made a late change to the party's election judge who monitors that site.

The Texas primaries are considered "semi-open".

Jones' backers include one-time gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis and the pro-choice Democratic group Emily's List. "I think for many of us it was not the outcome we expected or wanted and we know that the only way that we can change it is for us to get out there and do something about it", TX-07 congressional candidate Lizzie Pannill Fletcher said.

On February 22, the DCCC published opposition research on a progressive candidate in Texas' competitive 7th Congressional District. In that paper we asked, "Are primary voters different?"

The best-funded Democratic candidate is Beto O'Rourke, a U.S. House member running for the U.S. Senate.

An expert on public opinion and political psychology, Wilson says one of the races impacting the area is the Texas House 109.

A particular target for Democrats are districts that voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election but are now represented by a GOP congressman ― seats like the 7th District, held by Rep. John Culberson, and the 32nd, held by Rep. Pete Sessions. Another former Cruz staffer, Jason Wright, is running in Texas' 5th congressional district against seven other Republicans.

As The Washington Post noted recently, about 1,200 candidates had registered to run as Democrats for the House by the end of 2017 - a clear record for a single party, and the first time since before the wave election of 2010 that Democrats outnumbered Republicans at the same point in an election cycle. The Texas primary is the first in the country. Cruz will win as much as it is "by how much?"

Now, O'Rourke is outraising Cruz, while Trump could become a liability for the Republican. "The party puts more emphasis on getting their voters to the polls", said Wilson.

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