From threats to peace talks

From threats to peace talks

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the United States has "not heard anything directly back from North Korea" since President Donald Trump accepted leader Kim Jong Un's invitation for a meeting.

He said "North Korea's recent changes are the results of maximum pressure imposed by Japan, the US, and South Korea working closely together".

China looks forward to smooth talks between the two Koreas and between the United States and North Korea and substantive progress in the denuclearisation process and normalisation of ties, Mr Xi added.

The Japanese prime minister also promised cooperation "in all ways possible" for the success of the envisioned inter-Korean and U.S.

Asked in a Fox News interview due to air on Monday evening whether there was a real possibility of North Korea denuclearizing, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said: "We'll see, as the president often says".

Some experts are concerned that North Korea could be seeking to delay worldwide action while strengthening its nuclear program. An attack by the unimaginable, with millions of lives in South Korea at risk.

While the president pleaded for nationwide support for the success of the upcoming talks overseas, his key officials began carrying out Mr. Moon's efforts to bring jittery regional powers on board.

"The announcement of a meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim is a historic opportunity that holds great potential for the world", Haley said. -South Korean military exercises.

Mattis was among the advisers in the White House on Thursday when Trump made a decision to accept Kim's offer to meet.

That was the first sign of thawing of relations between Pyongyang and Seoul that set in motion further warming up of relations between the two Korean states.

He stressed that North Korea must stick to the commitments that were relayed by South Korean officials who met with Kim last week and then came to Washington and briefed Trump. It would also undermine the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which limits the spread of nuclear weapons and preserves China's status as one of a relatively small number of nuclear-armed states.

The decision to meet drew support from countries seeking to defuse tensions between North Korea and the USA, along with warnings that Kim may be playing for more time to develop his weapons while seeking relief from US -led global sanctions. That's surely unknown. The hermetic kingdom of North Korea is one of the most closed countries in the world. "That's a day when Iran's military may very well already have the missile technology to send a nuclear warhead to the United States - a technology that North Korea only recently developed". Kim is evidently willing to suspend nuclear and missile tests for now - a minimal, easily reversed concession, mostly likely made only to buy time to fit a nuclear warhead on an ICBM capable of reaching the U.S.

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