Ken Dodd's passing prompts fresh sense of bereavement for Armagh woman

Ken Dodd's passing prompts fresh sense of bereavement for Armagh woman

Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain was among those to pay tribute, saying he was "so happy" he had the chance to meet Mr Dodd.

Dodd, from Liverpool in northwest England, won millions of fans with his epic stand-up shows filled with non-stop jokes, in which he brandished his trademark colourful "tickling sticks".

Dodd was knighted a year ago by Queen Elizabeth II, becoming Sir Ken Dodd. He was 90. Publicist Robert Holmes says Dodd died Sunday, March 11, 2018 at his Liverpool home, the same house where he was born in 1927.

United Kingdom broadcasters will pay tribute to Ken Dodd tonight (Monday 12th March) with a host of last minute schedule changes to mark the death of the comedy legend, who has passed away aged 90. If so, tell us about them in the form below. It was the third biggest-selling single of the decade, and remains one of the UK's best-selling singles of all time.

Dodd, with his deliberate unruly hair and protruding teeth, had the gift for making his audience laugh before he had uttered a word. I loved him dearly and feel very, very privileged to say that I knew him.

When she agreed to raise £1m for a much-needed MRI scanner for Arrowe Hospital, once again Sir Ken became chairman of the appeal and put on a show. "And two days later he's passed away". "RIP Sir Ken Dodd".

The pair stayed together until his death, after he'd battling a chest infection just weeks previously and had been admitted to hospital.

With Sir Ken Dodd's passing, a generation and more mourned the loss of a comedy legend.

He married Anne Jones, his partner of 40 years, on Friday at their house, which was also the one he was born in.

And with a history of famed four and five-hour shows under his belt, Sandra said staff "knew they would be going home late" when he was on the on the billing. He was an education to watch and, afterwards, at 1.30 am, he had beers with me in the dressing room and talked showbiz.

Holmes said Dodd "was one of the last music hall greats". In the 1960s he held the Guinness world record for the longest joke-telling session: 1,500 jokes in three-and-a-half hours.

"The man who invented cats' eyes got the idea when he saw the eyes of a cat in his headlights".

Tributes are pouring in including from fellow Liverpudlian Claire Sweeney, who described Dodd as a "legend and an inspiration".

"I've been overwhelmed by the love and affection which I've already received from dear friends and the public and I thank you all for being here".

Another said: "Thank you for your unbelievable sense of humour and the laughs you left us with".

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