Watch Taylor Swift Dance Like Nobody Is Watching In New 'Delicate' Video

Watch Taylor Swift Dance Like Nobody Is Watching In New 'Delicate' Video

In that clip, the "Deer Hunter" actor dances around a fancy venue - and even sashays into an elevator just as Swift does in "Delicate".

Throughout all of the joyous, lovably dorky secret dancing, I couldn't help but think of another iconic pop video centering on a woman at the height of her powers letting the world know that actually, things aren't always as great as they appear.

The music video for Taylor Swift's brand new song "Delicate" just dropped and it shows T-Swizzle like you've never seen her before. The Joseph Kahn-directed video was shot over two nights in Downtown Los Angeles and featured historical landmarks such as the Los Angeles Theatre and Biltmore Hotel.

"Delicate means SO MUCH MORE now that that video is out", one fan tweeted.

The Washington Post speculates that the video is really an explanation as to why Taylor's been laying low lately and alludes to the fact that she's trying to keep her relationship out of the public eye.

Swift's latest music video premiered Sunday night, and it didn't take long for fans to recognize striking similarities between it and a 2016 perfume ad for Kenzo, helmed by famed director Spike Jonze.

Like a breath of fresh air, she unleashes her true personality that she fakes on the spotlight and even goes barefoot.

Which on the last scene, she casually walks into a dive bar called the Golden Gopher soaking wet from head to toe to meet up with a mysterious person.

Fans on Twitter were quick to pick out their favorite and most relatable moments from the video.

Looking ahead of herself, Swift is looking forward to her stadium tour launching May 8, tickets can be purchased here.

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