WWDC 2018 Returns to San Jose on June 4th through 8th

WWDC 2018 Returns to San Jose on June 4th through 8th

Prior to that, the San Jose Convention Center served as Apple's venue of choice. While not many details have been given surrounding the new software, we did hear a little while ago Apple plans to refine the experience of using iOS 12 while also offering cross-platform compatibility between iOS and macOS.

WWDC is used by the company to showcase the next updates to its products and software. Students must include a unique Swift playground to apply for a scholarship. For the most part, we're expecting this year to be about refining current features as opposed to adding new ones, but it wouldn't be an Apple event without a few surprises.

There is a rumour of having a new version of macOS which is macOS 14, macOS 13 is the latest version for Mac computers.

Personally, I'm incredibly excited for a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro with Face ID, as well as iOS 12. However, we might see a digital health app Animojis within FaceTime.

That's pretty much where the rumours end, but if you look at the trend in iPhones, it isn't hard to apply that to the iPad as well.

The company is working on new versions of its iPhone and Mac operating systems to be unveiled at the conference, Bloomberg News has reported. The company plans to officially present the new iOS at WWDC 2018 plus other releases that Apple will launch in this year.

MacBook Air is one of the best laptops of Apple.

IOS 12 is announced by Apple as an update created to solve current iOS problems for iPhone and iPad without bringing new important features.

But the iPad Pro range certainly isn't being ignored with a new 10.5in model introduced in June 2017.

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