Google launches Play Instant, redesigns Play Games app

Google launches Play Instant, redesigns Play Games app

Google Play Instant now lets users play a trial version of the game before downloading them.

The idea behind the program is that installing an app is a big barrier to entry to users, and removing this barrier will result in more people trying more apps and games. There is a dedicated section in Google Play Store called "Instant Gameplay: Try now, install later" from where you can play the games before getting it on your handsets. These include Clash Royale, Words With Friends, Solitaire, Final Fantasy XV, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, and Mighty Battles. The company has also created an 'Instant Gameplay collection" where users can check the "Google Play Instant' experience at the time of writing. In addition to this, Google Play now also showcases news and Youtube content related to the games most played. However, please note that you will not be given the entire game to play.

In some case they'll be full levels, while in others they'll allow users to get straight into the main game without needing to go through the app installation and set up first. They chose to increase the file size because many games require more space simply for graphics. Google Play Instant allows smartphone owners to simply tap an app in the Play Store and immediately begin playing. The project is now in beta testing, so only a handful of titles now support instant loading. To our knowledge following Games can be tried without installing as of now.

In the past years, Google has been working on extending its reach to all major industries, and it has succeeded in becoming the dominant player in each market.

There's a new "Arcade" tab on Play Store which will show trailers for games. There is also the users that are not even willing to test a new game because they have to install it first. All of the Google Instant app versions of the game are less than 10MB in size and this will also help you to save on internet data.

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