Apple shares tutorial videos featuring the New iPad and Apple Pencil

Apple shares tutorial videos featuring the New iPad and Apple Pencil

In its report, Bloomberg notes that both features are only in an experimental phase and that they may not necessarily come to new iPhones.

This would let you perform some tasks with your iPhone by moving your finger close to the screen - without actually tapping it.

In a world with so many smartphone manufacturers constantly competing with each other for a share of the market, innovation is a key factor and Apple is attempting to be at the forefront of innovation once again.

Citing "people familiar with the situation", Bloomberg described a gradual arch from top to bottom-different from the distinctly curved edges of competitor Samsung's Galaxy lineup, which use OLED technology. Apple is also developing iPhone displays that curve inward gradually from top to bottom ...

Released earlier this week, iOS 11.4 Beta brings a couple of new features to the table and the most noticeable ones are Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2.

A Bloomberg report in April suggested that Apple is working on curved-screen phones.

According to the report, Apple's bendy blower could be here in "two or three years".

Samsung has used the sensors in smartphones to give phone users the ability to control their screens without touching them. What makes Apple's approach to the technology different is the fact that the tech giant would rely on sensitivity built into the display, rather than an external camera. Samsung is already working on a foldable smartphone, while Huawei is seeing increased success in Asia. The company is also working on launching a lower-cost LCD model of iPhone. While Face ID makes it easy to unlock a phone without touching the screen a couple of times, many of us are already familiar with the swipes and taps a touchscreen enables.

Sales of iPhone account for about two-thirds of Apple's total revenue, but it has been the continued growth of Apple Services that put Apple within striking distance of $1 trillion.

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