Canada grieves after junior hockey team bus crash leaves 15 dead

Canada grieves after junior hockey team bus crash leaves 15 dead

The number of people killed in a crash involving a bus carrying a junior ice hockey team in Saskatchewan, Canada has risen to 15 with two others in a critical condition, say police.

"To the City of Humboldt, the entire Broncos organization, and the families impacted by this tragedy, please know you are in Saskatchewan's hearts", Moe said in a statement.

The message links to articles and donation pages to help support the victims of the crash.

Herold, who would have turned 17 on Thursday, played for the Regina Pat Canadians hockey team until just weeks ago, but was sent to join the Broncos for their playoff round when the Pat Canadians' season wrapped up, said John Smith, the Pat Canadians' manager. "We pray for those families and think about them".

"I am deeply saddened by his family's loss", Phillips wrote.

The Winnipeg native said that accident still resonates in the community.

In communities across rural Saskatchewan, such hockey venues are important focal points for locals, whether it be parents chatting in the stands during their children's early morning practices, fans gathering to cheer on their local champions, or adult part-timers squeezing in a friendly game after work.

"It's overwhelming. It's been tough on everybody", Muench said in a phone interview. "They just put a's just bad to see that happen again".

All of Canada mourns with Humboldt and the families affected.

"Struggling with the tragedy in Saskatchewan? My parents could have been the ones left hanging on whether or not I was okay", Slaght said, beads of sweat trickling down his reflective gaze.

It's unlikely she'll be alone. Brigette Lacquette, from Saskatchewan's Cote First Nation said the tragedy was "heartbreaking".

It evokes memories of the awful 1986 crash when four members of the Swift Current Broncos were on the road between Regina and Swift Current. "If you come out across that intersection, the guy in the bus is absolutely, totally unaware that you're going to pull out in front of him because he doesn't even see you until you're both looking at each other".

"I've driven that road just like those kids did", he said. "My thoughts are with the families, and the billet families, and the first responders, and anyone involved in the immediate response, because it's just horrific and it's really hard to explain".

Evan Thomas, who was 18 and from Saskatoon, was on the bus as it travelled to a playoff game Friday in Nipawin.

"I can't say enough good things about them", Schatz said. "It didn't seem like a big spot, it's not mountains or anything like that, but accidents do happen".

"It's very tragic", he said.

"Everywhere in Saskatchewan, it's tight".

The team's bus was T-boned by a transport truck, according to the president of the Nipawin Hawks, which was scheduled to play the Broncos in Game 5 of a semi-final Friday night.

Kevin Porter, the president of St. Albert Raiders hockey club, said Hunter "always had a smile on his face". "Going around and playing in small towns and being able to be a part of one of those teams is extremely special".

Humboldt Mayor Rob Muench, wearing a green and yellow team Broncos jersey, hugged people Saturday morning as they came to the Elger Petersen Arena to comfort each other.

"The values that you learn playing in those communities stick with you for a long time".

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