Hulu and Spotify to Offer Subscription Bundle This Summer

Hulu and Spotify to Offer Subscription Bundle This Summer

Spotify and Hulu are teaming up to offer a bundle subscription for Spotify Premium users.

Starting today, existing Spotify Premium customers can sign up for a three-month Hulu trial for 99 cents (but only if they are new to Hulu). Even when the price increases to the full $12.99 per month, it's far less than paying for both on their own. Spotify and Hulu have both become essential services to subscribe to for fans of music and TV, and now the two have come together to make it easier for consumers of media to have both in their life.

The deal expands on a comparable $4.99 bundle for students, available since the fall.

It's a good deal. Separately, Spotify's Premium tier alone costs $9.99 a month, while Hulu's Limited Commercials plan requires monthly payments of $7.99. Ad-free Hulu accounts, Hulu with Live TV and premium add-ons (HBO, Showtime, etc.) are not eligible. But, after 'outstanding performance, ' they have chose to make the combined deal available more widely across the US.

The new offer is available initially to existing Spotify Premium subscribers only. The TV and film streaming service created original series including The Handmaid's Tale. The two companies say the deal is expected to extend to non-Spotify Premium users in the future. Bundles like those that have existed in the linear television industry for decades are seen as a way to encourage new sign-ups in an age of dozens of subscription streaming options across entertainment and music.

Spotify and Hulu just extended a subscription bundle, which they were offering only to college students, to all users. And even though Hulu is one of biggest streaming video services in the United States, it still has just a third as many subscribers as Netflix's U.S. member base. According to Bloomberg, Spotify is working on an update to its service that would make it simpler-particularly for free users-to use, making it in some ways more like its basic package.

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