Khloe Kardashian is Reportedly Having "Early Contractions" as We Speak

Khloe Kardashian is Reportedly Having

Khloé is holed up in Cleveland, but it isn't a place she wants to be amid Thompson's cheating scandal. Neither Khloe nor Tristan have spoken about the allegations. "He's a serial cheater". Since then more footage has been released of Tristan kissing other women in October and Lani was even said to have shared a sex tape that she has since deleted.

A source tells us no one at the low-class club has heard from Blair and that her phone is off. Blair has been working there for three months, club sources confirmed, and works Friday, Sunday, and sometimes Tuesdays.

Speaking about the reaction of Khloe's famous family, the source added: "They are heartbroken for Khloe".

Not well, as you may have guessed!

Although Khloe is expected to give birth to their first child together any day now, we don't put cheating past him.

An insider told the publication that the family "is pretty much set on heading to Cleveland so that they can be there for her when the s**t hits the fan".

"He was her everything". According to the outlet, they entered the hotel together and emerged together with Thompson in a different outfit.

She wrote: "I'm pregnant too since everything out here".

Her younger half-sister, Kylie Jenner, gave birth to a daughter named Stormi back in January.

"Her pregnancy is supposed to be the most special time in her life, and instead it has been ruined by Tristan and is becoming the most painful".

On Tuesday, Rose sent Kardashian a message via her Instagram story, regarding the videos and photos that have surfaced of Tristan Thompson purportedly cheating on Kardashian.

Obviously, this makes no sense. "The family absolutely believes it's in Khloe's best interest to end the relationship but will support her either way". Because everybody else found out about it?

Don't get me wrong.

As heaps of receipts showing Tristan Thompson's infidelity come to light, Kim Kardashian West is having a grand ol' time over on Instagram sharing potentially-Photoshopped photos of herself on vacation.

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