Sony's PS5 Is Likely Several Years Away

Sony's PS5 Is Likely Several Years Away

Instead of figuring out when the PlayStation 5 will be launched, gamers should instead enjoy what the PlayStation 4 offers.

Two unnamed developers that Kotaku spoke with said they had knowledge of Sony's plans for a new system, and both said the system isn't likely to come out until 2019 at the earliest. The story previously stated PS5 may not run PS4 games, when the source stated that reports indicated PS5 games would not work on previous generation hardware. However, one of these insiders did note that Sony's plans are always subject to change.

Sony PlayStation fans may have been rather rather eager for the advent of the next console, but it now appears that the Japanese company has no plans to introduce the console before 2020. The PlayStation 5 release date is unlikely before 2020, so the PS4 owners do not have to worry about upgrading just yet. With over 73.6 million units sold worldwide, including an impressive 5.9 million consoles sold during the 2017 holiday season alone, it is clear to see that the PS4 is still immensely popular and there would be no need for Sony to try to rush release a PS5 device in 2018.

Sources told Kotaku that Sony was looking at "every possible date".

Don't worry, the next generation of consoles isn't going to be full of lifeless games that feel like they were created by a computer, but as engines get smarter, they will be able to procedurally generate more content on their own based on predetermined values set by the artists and creators. The sources from SemiAccurate claims that the Sony PlayStation 5 might launch in May this year. "It's all about what they think is the best sweet spot in terms of hardware". Therefore, not many in the developer studios are supposed to know about it all for now.

Death Road To Canada will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 25th April.

There is also the matter of the PlayStation 4 Pro, which Sony released in November 2016.

Right now, there are very limited details about the PS5, though a Kotaku report suggests that the console will play games that won't run on a PlayStation 4.

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