Mark Zuckerberg unscathed by congressional grilling, stock rises

Mark Zuckerberg unscathed by congressional grilling, stock rises

"Yes", Zuckerberg said when Congresswoman Dana Louise DeGette asked whether Facebook has witnessed no significant increase in users deactivating their accounts.

However, in a series of questions on how people can remove data from Facebook, Mr Zuckerberg said Facebook does "collect data on people who are not signed up for Facebook for security purposes". But the more people join, the more useful it becomes.

The way things are going, it looks like Zuckerberg will have to dust himself off for a progressively harder time with the US Congress in the coming months. Zuckerberg was seemingly prepared for questions on a range of issues from Cambridge Analytica to Facebook's default-privacy settings.

That makes up almost all of Zuckerberg's total net worth - good enough to make him the seventh richest person in the world, according to real-time data tracked by Forbes.

With questions still swirling about how foreign entities use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread fake news and sow division, and how these networks handle user data, it's curious Congressional Republicans would spend so much time questioning Zuckerberg about two vloggers. It is impossible to find out how much data has been trickled to advertising companies through your online dealing but Facebook gives the users the option to see how much data has been collected on them so far. "If you're logged out or don't have a Facebook account and visit a website with the Like button or another social plugin, your browser sends us a more limited set of info".

When asked whether Facebook can exist without collecting and selling user data, the tech-genius replied: It would not be possible for our services to exist, without having the option for users to put in the content and then sharing.

The social media company, he said, is not aware of any specific groups like that, that have engaged in the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville past year.

But he stiffly defended Facebook's use of the data and postings of the 2.2 billion users of its free platform - in order to attract the ad revenue that the $480 billion company depends on.

It is prescription on how companies treat consumer data.

But in two days of testimony before the House and Senate, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed what he thinks it really is.

"I am indeed wary that you are only acting now out of concern for your brand and are making changes that should have been made long ago", Democrat Paul Tonko said.

For what it's worth, Cambridge Analytica denies accessing private messages at all: "GSR did not share the content of any private messages with Cambridge Analytica or SCL Elections".

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told lawmakers that the company will be more proactive about how user information is shared with third-party apps.

"We heard feedback from thousands of parents and they want control over their communication with kids", Zuckerberg said. You didn't know how many apps you need to audit. The House committee Chairman Greg Walden told reporters he would discuss with his committee holding similar hearings with other technology chief executives. But, as you say, we've had the ability to download your information for years now.

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