Sean Hannity blasts media

Sean Hannity blasts media

"If this is the biggest witch hunt in history, we're running out of spots on the broomstick", Kimmel said.

"Now, we can see that Hannity wasn't just mad, he was scared", Noah said.

The special counsel is also probing a $150,000 payment Ukrainian billionaire steel magnate Victor Pinchuk made during the United States of America presidential campaign to Trump's foundation for the American real estate developer to give a 20-minute speech via video link, according to The New York Times.

"I'm trying to protect the privacy of that indiviudal, your honor", Cohen attorney Stephen Ryan told Judge Kimba Wood, who eventually ordered that Hannity be identified. I never paid Michael Cohen for legal fees.

At the request of a federal judge on Monday, Cohen's attorneys disclosed in court that Hannity was the third client of Cohen's from the past year. He reappeared slouching in an armchair, drinking a glass of red wine, rubbing his stomach, seemingly experiencing pure bliss.

"If you understand the nature of this, professor - I'm going to deal with this later in the show - It was minimal, I put out a statement about it".

Anchor Katy Tur brought on "Mr. Pulse-on Fox News", Vanity Fair special correspondent and MSNBC contributor Gabriel Sherman.

Reporters at Fox News are angry with prime-time personality Sean Hannity for the conflict-of-interest scandal that has embroiled the network. Dershowitz was brought on to discuss former FBI Director James Comey's Sunday night interview on ABC News, but began by telling Hannity, "I really think you should have disclosed your relationship with Cohen". But on the "Fox & Friends" morning show on Tuesday, the hosts compared the relationship to a friendship where you would informally ask someone for advice.

"This is craaazy", said Colbert.

"That sounds normal. He has a lawyer he doesn't pay", Kimmel joked. They exchanged insults on Twitter, with Hannity calling Kimmel a racist, pervert and "Harvey Weinstein jr." and Kimmel making a gay sexual innuendo in reference to Hannity's apparent love for Trump. I'm not going to go "head on fire" over this, but it would have been nice to know there was some kind of relationship between Hannity and Cohen, especially due to the former's criticism of the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on the latter's office.

Did Sean Hannity learn about attorney-client privilege from an episode of Breaking Bad? I did have occasional brief conversations with Michael Cohen - he is a great attorney - about legal questions I had.

Tweeted CNN crime and justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz: "I was in court yesterday and if it wasn't for the attorney representing the press, Sean Hannity's name would have been filed under seal". Fox could certainly come down harder on Hannity if it turns out he's lying about just talking to Cohen on real estate stuff, but it really depends on the subject.

He only has three clients and apparently he works for free.

"My discussion with Michael Cohen never rose to any level that I need to tell anyone I was asking him questions", Hannity said. The media went bananas.

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