Claire Danes Is 'Seriously Preggo' With Second Child

Claire Danes Is 'Seriously Preggo' With Second Child

"So I was pregnant when I did that sex scene", Danes told Stern following her announcement. "It's a workout [so] I'll be ready for a reprieve from that".

Though Danes has had fun starring in the Showtime series which centers on Carrie Mathison (Danes), a Central Intelligence Agency officer with bipolar disorder, the actress also made it clear that it's time to bid farewell to the character. "I can't speak for Claire or [co-star] Mandy [Patinkin], but it will be my final year and it will be created to be the end of an eight-season story", Gansa said.

She admitted that she feels "really conflicted" about the series coming to an end. She said, "I'm pregnant".

Adding, "I mean, I'll be ready. And it's not just that", she confessed in the interview.

In a new interview with Howard Stern series star Claire Danes confirmed this by saying that even though Carrie Mathison is a meaty, exciting role, there may also be something nice that comes with getting a little bit of a break from the part.

Post-production on season seven of the TV show ended last week, while the season finale is set to air April 29. Host Stern had been complimenting her on a particularly "sexy" scene - one he compared to modern dance - and she revealed that it wasn't exactly fun to film. "I'm deep into my second trimester", Danes told the DJ.

However, the couple - who got married in 2009 after meeting on set of "Evening" in 2006 - have chose to keep the gender of their second child a secret until it's born. In 2009 the couple married in France only surrounded by close family and friends.

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