Alexa the robot saleswoman will follow you around the house

Alexa the robot saleswoman will follow you around the house

Something called the Fire TV Cube, which already has a teaser page on Amazon's American website. Those include the ability to search the net for any specific news, place orders on Amazon or get the latest weather update. Amazon is reportedly very keen on developing this project into reality very soon.

The Next generation of the Fire TV is being teased by Amazon right now. One of them was the diamond-shaped 3rd gen Fire TV which brought 4K support to the device line.

Amazon today expanded its range of Echo smart speakers in the Indian market with the launch of Echo Spot, that differentiates itself from the rest with its circular display and a built-in camera.

The first of the two new devices was a standard dongle which would connect to a TV via a dedicated HDMI cable. It's now being speculated that the set-top box will be the Fire TV Cube that Amazon is currently teasing about. You don't need the speaker or the remote to make it work and it will come with an inbuilt stereo speaker and will work even if your TV is not switched on, according to AFTVnews. The leaked image from past year appears to show the device as having far-field microphones, a built-in speaker and an LED light indicator.

There are some dedicated buttons to control the volume and if you want to turn off/on the mic and the camera. The same offer is applied to Echo Dot, and Echo devices. "Once you add a screen to a smart Alexa-powered speaker, the experience becomes much richer", he says.

One of Engadget's readers sent the site scans of a user manual for his Amazon Ethernet adapter. Lab126 went on a robotics expert hiring spree a year ago with job titles like "Sensors Engineer" and "Senior Robotics Engineer" being advertised under the Lab126 name, to divert attention from Amazon as the parent.

The cube Fire TV is expected to be Amazon's high-end Fire TV.

Amazon has published job adverts on its job page which reveal it's looking for a "software engineer, robotics" and "principle sensors engineer".

It also has 2 GB of RAM and likely has the same 8 GB of internal storage that all past and present Fire TV models have had.

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