Smart Features Google has Added to Gmail with the New Redesign Update

Smart Features Google has Added to Gmail with the New Redesign Update

If not, the email will display a link to a secure "portal" page from which to view the contents on Google's servers.

Gmail has a Confidential mode: With this mode, you now have the ability to remove the option to forward, copy, download, or print the email you have sent. Finally, Google is expanding Smart Reply, which had previously only been available in mobile apps, to the Gmail web interface. And for good reasons - on one hand, Google is no stranger to phasing out services it deems unpopular, on the other, the revamped Gmail is getting numerous features that made Inbox stand out.

This new update brings better security and an offline feature for Gmail.

Google also added Smart Reply to Gmail on the web to help you reply to messages faster. "Confidential mode" also lets you specify whether your recipient will have to type in a passcode they receive separately in a text message in order to read your message.

Integrated rights management (IRM) is a business-centric feature making it into the new Gmail for everybody, letting the users block the copying, forwarding, printing, or downloading of particular messages. You can opt in to try it out by going to the Settings icon on the top right of your inbox and choosing "Try the new Gmail".

The upshot of doing it this way means Google has been able to build some other clever functionality on top: These emails can now be set to expire, or you can revoke access to its contents (effectively the recipient is viewing the contents on a space that you control). Gmail will also warn you if a mail is found to be potentially risky. That might protect data even if the recipient's email account has been hijacked. New features on mobile, like high-priority notifications, can notify you of important messages to help you stay focused without interruption. You can add different tasks or things you need to get done by hitting the big blue "Add a new task" button.

The other major new feature in this update is "confidential mode".

With the upcoming redesign of Gmail, many Google Inbox users have been worrying that their favourite email client is about to go down the way of the dodo.

Since many email hacks start with low-tech phishing scams, Gmail is adding large color-coded warnings on any suspicious emails. However, this too will be phased so if you don't find it immediately do not panic.

The web version of Gmail, even in its professional G Suite form, involves a lot of clicking into individual messages, which take your entire message window, then backing out to your inbox. The blog post does say that nudging is an AI-powered feature, so it's possible that Gmail considers the importance of the sender or the timeliness of the message before it puts up the alert. Google said that the new experience is available for businesses to start using today in the G Suite Early Adopter Programme, and can be turned on in the admin console.

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