Local police participate in National Take Back Day

Local police participate in National Take Back Day

The DEA is making certain prescription drugs don't get into the wrong hands. "And we see a lot of times in residential burglaries, prescription drugs are missing, they're not sure what they had, they're not sure what they used and what they didn't", said Sgt. Gaston. To try and lower these numbers, the Drug Enforcement Administration set forth a nationwide Drug Take-Back day.

Officials say properly disposing of these medications helps cut down on drug abuse and keeps chemicals out of our water.

Red Med Boxes are available in four locations throughout Manistee County year-round for proper disposal of medications.

For those who couldn't make it to Saturday's take-back, police say there are other ways to get rid of medications. "Every single year it's declined in numbers".

San Luis Obispo CHP collected over 280 pounds of unwanted prescription drugs.

Knight and her fellow volunteer nurses said they had been working with Portland police since the program's inception.

Those unused or expired pills in your medicine cabinet are a huge concern to your public safety. Once the boxes are full, they are marked and taken by the Portland police and destroyed.

On Saturday from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. they set up drop off sites for people to take their unwanted or expired prescription drugs, no questions asked. "So when they have this we're able to bring it here where we know it's safe and will be taken care of".

"Who wants extra drugs around the house anyways?" "You don't put them in your toliet or in your drain system because they will eventually get in the aquifer", Elly said.

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