Facebook eyes VR accessibility as it launches Oculus Go for $199

Facebook eyes VR accessibility as it launches Oculus Go for $199

Facebook has launched the Oculus Go, a standalone virtual reality headset that works without being linked to a smartphone or a computer.

The product page also states that Amazon doesn't know "when or if this item will be back in stock".

The listing also says the device is only eligible for shipping to U.S. addresses.

F8 2018 attendees will have an Oprah moment during Mark Zuckerberg's keynote today in San Jose. A post on Reddit earlier today showcased a stack of the headsets ready to go at a Best Buy location in Arkansas.

Behind a glass case, the user saw both 32gb and 64gb versions of the device. Mark Zuckerberg is expected to announce the Oculus Go availability in his keynote at F8 at 10 am PDT.

Built-in spatial audio and an integrated microphone allow for maximum immersion straight out of the box, while headset weight, support straps, and the facial interface have all been optimized for the best fit and feel possible.

The price for the 64GB Oculus Go is not known yet. The most obvious is going to be the resolution: other VR headsets offer significantly larger numbers of pixels, which will make a difference when it comes to detail in the virtual experience or game you're engaging with. The experience using the Oculus Go is like watching video on a 30-foot screen.

Facebook has revealed in January that Xiaomi is the manufacturer of the Oculus Go.

The new Go headset runs the same games and apps as Facebook's Gear VR system. More longer-term, though, is Oculus' decision to use 3DoF - or "three degrees of freedom" - tracking.

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