Mark Zuckerberg's plea to developers at F8: Keep building with us

Mark Zuckerberg's plea to developers at F8: Keep building with us

Another user was far more critical, saying that Clear History represents the Facebook head's "slap on the wrist" following his testimony and that he feels it doesn't change anything as far as Facebook allegedly keeping a trove of private user information is concerned.

To be clear, when you clear your cookies in your browser, it can make parts of your experience worse.

The news was one of several new initiatives announced, including a feature that lets people post to Instagram from other, non-Facebook apps like Spotify, and the ability to "clear history", to remove data sent to the social network via outside websites and apps.

Despite that inconvenience, Zuckerberg posited that the upcoming introduction of the new privacy control is in line with the demands of privacy advocates and consumers alike. "Let's not do that again anytime soon", Zuckerberg said.

The announcement comes on the heels of Bumble's high-profile departure from Facebook, as the dating service removed its previous Facebook profile requirement after some users cited issues with the direction Facebook has been heading lately. Once they've opted into the feature, a user can look through groups and events to find people they might be compatible with. While highlighting Facebook "Watch Party", allowing users to watch video together, Zuckerberg said it's ideal for if "your friend is testifying in front of Congress, for example". This sparked a campaign urging Facebook members to leave the site and calls for tighter regulation over user data, especially as Facebook makes most of its revenue from advertising that is targeted at individual users based on their online activity. In addition to putting a tab in place for Groups, it is also launching a "Join Group" button that developers can put on websites, in emails, or in other places outside of Facebook to make joining groups easier.

The dating profile can be created separate from an individual's existing Facebook profile - and the user's friends won't be able to see it, the company said in a statement detailing the new feature. He also announced updates to Messenger.

"What happened with Cambridge Analytica was a major breach of trust", said Zuckerberg.

"Yes, this is an important moment", he said. The company expects more than 5,000 developers to attend.

It's been nearly a decade since Brian and I started WhatsApp, and it's been an awesome journey with some of the best...

Facebook brings to the dating table a treasure trove of data on its active users, which are over 2 billion strong. Either you explicitly reveal this info to god knows who signs up for this event, or no one at all.

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