WhatsApp expands its capabilities with group video calling and stickers

WhatsApp expands its capabilities with group video calling and stickers

The feature is rolling it out now, with Instagram stating more apps with Story integration are coming soon. And yes, group video calling feature will work in WhatsApp mobile apps as well.

Instagram is getting a whole host of new features over the coming weeks and months.

GoPro users, for instance, will now have a direct link to post to Instagram Stories from the GoPro app.

As per a series of tweets by user, Facebook-owned Instagram seems to be testing quite a handful of features in an attempt to take on competitors by offering as much functionality as possible.

Facebook announced a new privacy feature called Clear History, which should give users more transparency about data that's collected while also giving you a degree of control. This can be initiated by tapping the video icon at the top corner of any Direct Message thread whether its with another individual or “a small group”. You can chat one-on-one or with a small group - and you can keep the conversation going for as long as you like. You can minimize the people you're chatting with and continue to search and explore Instagram and people you chat with can't see your screen.

Instagram is now testing out the video chat feature and will roll it out globally in the coming weeks. Instagram has taken advantage of Facebooks Camera Effects Platform to bring AR effects from celebrity accounts like Ariana Grande, Vogue, and the National Basketball Association. The new Explore will organize suggested content into relevant topic channels, making iteasier than ever to browse across your interests, while going deeper into any specific area. From there you can edit and share to your story or feed.

For example, Instagrammers will be able to try out Kylie Jenner's favorite lipstick colors in their selfies; add a cloud of hearts and Pomeranians from Jiffpom; or turn any video into an NBA "DunkCam" moment.

In September of previous year, Instagram said it had 800 million monthly users. More apps will be adding the sharing to Stories feature soon.

There's also a new Explore tab in the app. We certainly think they'll add value to the app, so we hope they do come to fruition. If you find a topic you like, you can see related hashtags.

Oh, and stickers are coming if you're interested in that sort of thing.

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