Waymo autonomous auto involved in crash in Arizona

Waymo autonomous auto involved in crash in Arizona

Details are limited but police told ABC15 that a Honda was traveling east on Chandler Boulevard and had to swerve to avoid hitting another vehicle that was traveling north on Los Feliz Drive. Arizona changed its rules on autonomous vehicle testing late in 2017, opening the door to driverless cars being operated without a human behind the wheel. It released a video of the moments before the collision.

It remains unclear if the Waymo minivan had any passengers at the time of the collision and Tyler couldn't confirm whether or not the driver of the Honda suffered any injuries. It was likewise confirmed that the vehicle was set to its autonomous mode when the accident occurred. The front crumpled zone of the Sedan had got badly broken along with its glass. The local police noted that there were minor injuries sustained from the incident.

According to ABC 15, the Waymo minivan was in the autonomous mode at slow speed with the driver behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

According to eyewitness reports, the autonomous vehicle was on the westbound lane while the sedan was on the eastbound side.

Twitter user Matt Jaffee posted a photo of the accident scene at 3:40 p.m. PT. Jaffee tweeted: "Right now: Pretty gnarly crash with an @Waymo van in Chandler, AZ".

Video was released Friday showing a auto jumping a median and colliding with a Google-owned Waymo self-driving minivan in Arizona. After the auto Honda has deviated from the original route, the vehicle continued to move East, but the Western strip of Chandler Boulevard, where there was a collision with a minivan Waymo, which was moving in the Autonomous mode at a low speed.

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