Google Maps' new 'For you' tab introduces personal recommendations, AR camera features

Google Maps' new 'For you' tab introduces personal recommendations, AR camera features

Google Maps will also have a couple of other useful tools.

There's also a new For You tab in the app that Google describes in further detail below. You'll see dining, event, and activity options based on the specific area of the map you're looking at. If you're anything like me, you'll punch in a direction on Maps and start walking, only to see the blue dot on your phone's screen is moving in the wrong direction.

The new "For you" tab offers a customised view of trending places in areas that you choose to view.

We use machine learning to generate this number, based on a few factors: what we know about a business, the food and drink preferences you've selected in Google Maps, places you've been to, and whether you've rated a restaurant or added it to a list.

Google Maps will be able to update faster and more accurately, thanks to having access directly from satellite feeds and camera archives, allowing more rural places and places that have changing infrastructure to be updated faster. Once everyone has helped compile a list of places to visit, the entire group can then vote in real time to find everyones favourite place. They're using two ways to do this, including expanding their VIsual Positioning System (VPS) technology they launched with Project Tango, bringing it to all devices and a new Augmented Reality view using your camera. The app which is actually meant for giving directions to its users, now, has an added responsibility to assist them in discovering the needed places like restaurants, malls, theatres etc. In the new camera interface, users will be able to tell precisely where they are and where they need to go. VPS will help Maps to figure out where you are, what direction you're now pointed in and then help you get where you need to go.

The new features will be rolling out to both Android and iOS users in the near future, alongside a feature that'll punch you in the face if you even think about loading Yelp.

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