Kim Jong Un holds second meeting with Xi Jinping in China

Kim Jong Un holds second meeting with Xi Jinping in China

'I feel like I'm firing a flare at the starting line in the moment of (the two Koreas) writing a new history in North-South relations, peace and prosperity, ' Kim told Moon as they sat at a table to begin their closed-door talks.

Kim travelled to Beijing by train in March for his maiden official trip overseas and met President Xi Jinping for the first time since taking power in 2011.

Trump said on Twitter that he will be speaking to Xi about later on Tuesday, adding that North Korea would be one of the topics they would talk about.

However, state broadcaster CCTV quoted Xi as saying China "supports North Korea to stick to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and supports North Korea and the solving the peninsula issue through dialogue and consultation".

The second summit between Kim and Xi in the northern Chinese city of Dalian on Monday and Tuesday appeared to highlight efforts by the allies to restore ties that have been chilled by the North's nuclear and missile development.

Kim was likely seeking guidance from the Chinese leader ahead of his high-profile summit with Trump, according to former British charge d'affaires to North Korea Jim Hoare.

There are no regular commercial flights between Dalian and North Korea and the airport was closed to other aircraft while the plane departed, NHK reported.

Pompeo's trip comes amid rumors of the release of three United States citizens detained in North Korea.

While top leaders of China, South Korea and Japan prepared to meet over a triangular summit in Tokyo on Wednesday, May 9, reports said a high-ranking official from North Korea might have met Chinese President Xi Jinping in China's port city of Dalian (located around 530 kilometres from Pyongyang) on Tuesday, May 8, amid tight security, Associated Press reported.

Kim met South Korean President Moon Jae-in at a historic Korean summit on April 27 where they both vowed to end the Korean War which is technically still on and also denuclearise the Korean Peninsula. The official is believed to be greeting, or have greeted, the North Korean official.

China is North Korea's most important economic and diplomatic backer, but Beijing has been angered by Pyongyang's repeated nuclear and missile tests and supported tough United Nations sanctions against its Cold War-era ally.

By not asking the USA to reduce or remove its military presence in South Korea during negotiations, North Korea has failed to advance Chinese interests in the talks.

"Comrade Chairman made a special trip to China to meet me again just after 40-odd days at a crucial time when the Korean peninsula situation is undergoing profound and complex changes", Xi was quoted as saying by the state news agency.

Xi held a welcome banquet for the North Korean leader and took a casual stroll with him along a beach, Xinhua said.

One of the planes seen in Dalian resembled the one used by Kim's sister and close aide, Kim Yo Jong, to travel to South Korea for the Winter Olympics in February.

Posts about unusual traffic jams and security in Dalian popped up on Chinese social media.

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