New York Yankees & Boston Red Sox to play each other in London

New York Yankees & Boston Red Sox to play each other in London

In recent years baseball has ventured away from the US, playing games in Australia and Japan, so this is not a first trip overseas for the sport synonymous with the States.

It has also been confirmed there will be another two-game Major League Baseball series at the east London venue in the summer of 2020.

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The Yankees and Red Sox will play a two-games series from June 29-30 at London's Olympic Stadium.

London will host three National Football League games this season, with the Philadelphia Eagles facing the Jaguars at Wembley and the Tennessee Titans taking on the Los Angeles Chargers at the same venue, while the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks will face off at the soon-to-be-finished Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 14 October. "I can't wait to hear someone shout "play ball" at London Stadium". There were significant challenges that had to be overcome.

The stadium, which hosted the 2012 Olympics and is now home to West Ham, will be reconfigured for baseball, with 55,000 seats in place for the series. We could not be happier that Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. has been able to make this a reality.

Major League Baseball said it wanted its two premier teams to showcase the sport in England's capital.

"A great reason to come to London and to see these two great teams play in this venue". Bringing these storied teams together for British fans - who have such a profound appreciation for sports at the highest level - only adds to the unique allure of one of the world's greatest sporting rivalries.

London has oftentimes played host to middling or low-level teams for its NFL and NBA games, but MLB appears to be going all in by showcasing its premier rivalry in the form of the Yankees against the Red Sox.

It's also the first time the Red Sox and Yankees have played one another outside of NY or Boston.

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