North Korea says USA ruining mood of meetings

North Korea says USA ruining mood of meetings

The summit comes on the heels of the historic inter-Korea summit, where leaders of the two Koreas signed the Panmunjom Declaration on April 27, thus agreeing to work toward peace and reunification.

North Korean officials accused the United States of "ruining the mood" Monday ahead of a historic meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un; saying the U.S. was "misleading" the world over the Hermit Kingdom's weapons program. "We'll be announcing it soon", Trump said Friday without providing details.

The president was upbeat about the prospects of the summit, calling it "a good thing happening with North Korea". The warm relationship between the two leaders can be best explained by the North Korean leader's remark that the North and South Korean people are "one people" and that they shall never go into war again.

Trump has said that it was the US -led "maximum pressure" campaign that has brought the North to the negotiating table.

Trump and national security adviser John Bolton denied the report.

"As for the summit location, the possibility of Panmunjom, originally considered to be the leading contender, has fallen", a source knowledgeable of planning for the event said.

He slammed the United States for saying that it would not ease the sanctions and pressure until North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons completely. In addition, USA Today mentions Kim agreed to change the clocks in the North by a half hour to match the time zone in the South. President Moon Jae-in is also scheduled to travel to Washington on May 22 to meet with President Trump.

North Korea has offered to close its nuclear test site this month - and invited USA experts to verify the move. But the two superpowers would have to participate in any peace negotiation because they also signed the 1953 armistice.

North Korea on Sunday criticized what it called "misleading" claims that President Trump's policy of maximum political pressure and sanctions are what drove Pyongyang to the negotiating table.

But the North Korean spokesman said Sunday that movement of USA military assets in the region and talk of human rights violations also have hurt the peace process. According to CBS News, the "North's official news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesman".

"This act can not be construed otherwise than a unsafe attempt to ruin the hard-won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one", he said.

Singapore was also believed to be a potential site.

He added: "Stayed tuned".

"I think you can hope for the best, but we have to prepare for the worst". Trump hinted that the release of Kim Dong-chul, Kim Hak-song and Tony Kim was in the offing.

"This third summit between the two leaders affirms the enduring strength of the United States-Republic of Korea alliance and the deep friendship between our two countries", the White House said in a statement.

At that speech in MI, the crowd chanted "Nobel, Nobel, Nobel", possibly suggesting the president deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his achievements.

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