Apple wants official permission to test new drone program

Apple wants official permission to test new drone program

The idea of the IPP is for state, local and tribal governments to have the opportunity to field drone applications which might now be out of the bounds of regular flight. It began limited drone deliveries in the United Kingdom in 2016. Interestingly enough, projects for the world's biggest non-military drone seller, DJI, and Amazon were rejected in the round that saw a total of 149 bids. This latter point is particularly crucial for drone-based deliveries. Other winners of the contract include ride services company Uber, micro chip maker Intel, delivery company FedEx, and others.

The contest drew 149 bids from locales looking to host flights at night, flights over people and other drone operations that U.S. rules prohibit.

She said there are "no losers" and she thinks dozens of the applicants not chosen could be greenlighted by the FAA in the coming months. She, also, did not rule out Amazon's project receiving approval citing a rigorous process.

The wide interest in the USA initiative, launched by President Donald Trump past year, underscores the desire of a broad range of companies to have a say in how the fledgling industry is regulated and ultimately win authority to operate drones for purposes ranging from package delivery to crop inspection.

Others including startup Flirtey, which successfully made the first drone delivery in the U.S. in 2015 test, will be using UAVs to deliver medical supplies to heart attack victims in Nevada, track mosquitoes in Florida and develop other new uses.

Pressed by Sen. John Tester, D-Mont., on the timing of an FAA rulemaking proceeding on a remote ID requirement, Lawrence declined to provide a firm estimate, but said his office is "working as fast as we can to put together a rulemaking".

"This gives it the ability to move into any geography in the United States and move out of test mode into full operation", said Mark Siegel, a partner at Menlo Ventures, an investor in Flirtey. Sweeny said Alpine Insurance Associates in Reno has facilitated all of the insurance the company needs for the program.

Nevada will "continue to work closely with the FAA as one of seven designated UAS test sites and look for new opportunities to accelerate the integration of the technology into our airspace, economy and daily lives for the benefit of all Nevadans", Anderson said.

"In order to ensure that our airspace remains the safest in the world, and to enable our law enforcement and national security partners to identify security risks, we need to know who is operating in the airspace", Lawrence said.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich holds up a new Yuneec Typhoon H drone.

Although it's possible to walk into just about any electronics store now and purchase a drone for a relatively small amount of money, the middle ground - that is, using drones for commercial delivery versus making YouTube videos or bombing people in the Middle East - has been a longstanding challenge. General Electric Co is also a partner, he said.

The FAA has said regulations are necessary to protect the public and the National Airspace System from bad actors or errant hobbyists. Several incidents around major airports have involved drones getting close to aircraft.

Earlier, the department confirmed it had sent two planned rules to the White House to regulate the increased use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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