Mike Pence Wants Mueller to 'Wrap It Up'

Mike Pence Wants Mueller to 'Wrap It Up'

VP Mike Pence's brother, Greg, has been declared the victor of the Republican primary for Indiana's 6th District US House seat.

Tapper noted that the vice president has largely been hesitant to comment on the investigation up until recently.

Lamb, 36, criticized his opponent for counting on the Pence title and dodging debates.

In contrast to Pence's fundraising success, Lamb loaned his own campaign around $800,000 in an effort to keep pace, making the 6th District race the most expensive in the state.

Pence, 61, is the eldest of six siblings, a successful businessman, and a former Marine.

In an interview with the Vice-President asked about the millions of payments paid by the companies trump the personal lawyer of President Mike Cohen. Mike Pence held the seat from 2001 through 2013, when he went on to become Indiana's governor. He as soon as ran a now-bankrupt chain of Tobacco Street comfort shops. The seat is now represented by Republican Luke Messer, who is running for U.S. Senate in 2018. He has said he would focus on issues such as infrastructure, veterans' affairs, fixing the immigration system and health care.

Trump and Pence are expected to rally support for Braun as he looks to challenge incumbent Sen.

Nixon's speech came three months after he fired the first prosecutor appointed to investigate Watergate, Archibald Cox, in the "Saturday Night Massacre".

Also running in the GOP primary were Stephen MacKenzie, Mike Campbell and Jeff Smith.

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