Hamas offers Israel quiet on Gaza border if airstrikes reduced

Hamas offers Israel quiet on Gaza border if airstrikes reduced

Briefing the Security Council, Mladenov said that Monday was "a day of tragedy" for the people in Gaza, referring to the bloody clashes near the border fence with Israel.

During these protests, dozens of Palestinians have been killed and thousands others wounded as Israeli forces continue to suppress the demonstrations.

Kenya was among countries that attended celebrations to mark United States' move of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Sunday night, it has emerged. We have already pronounced ourselves that the relocation of the Jewish capital to Jerusalem is not in line with the relevant United Nations resolution.

According to the Times of Israel, European foreign ministries on Monday slammed the USA decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, saying "it violates global law, is unwise and is likely to exacerbate tensions, shortly before the embassy's dedication ceremony began in Jerusalem".

The Palestinian health ministry said more than 2,700 people had suffered injuries and that numerous dead had not yet been identified.

He strongly condemned the disproportionate use of force by the Israeli army, which resulted in the killing of more than 50 Palestinian demonstrators, while many more were injured.

"We must collectively call on all to refrain from unilateral measures that only steer us away from a peace process and instead work to end the occupation and advance the goal of a just and sustainable peace, culminating ultimately in two states, Israel and Palestine, . living side by side in peace, security and prosperity", said Mladenov.

She stressed that Russia's position on Jerusalem remains unchanged and that Moscow stands for a two-state solution.

Consequently, the country was invited to a January 3 U.S. reception for United Nations member-states that did not vote in the resolution.

President Mahmoud Abbas recalled the Palestinian envoy in Washington, a senior Palestinian official told Reuters.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, for her part, defended Israeli troops' actions and blamed Hamas for the violence on Gaza's border with Israel.

The US and Guatemalan moves break with decades of worldwide consensus.

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