Giuliani: Trump won't fire Sessions, Rosenstein before end of Russian Federation probe

Giuliani: Trump won't fire Sessions, Rosenstein before end of Russian Federation probe

"The goal of pressuring Sessions is, of course, to put the work of the Special Counsel under the supervision of someone willing to do Trump's bidding rather than under the supervision of [Deputy Attorney General Rod J.] Rosenstein, who has been less loyal to Trump than to the truth and the rule of law".

Trump's tweet was delivered shortly after South Carolina's Trey Gowdy told CBS that Trump, "could have picked somebody else" for the position.

The tweets came on the heels of a New York Times report Tuesday evening about Trump's anger over Sessions' recusal - and special counsel Robert Mueller's interest in the president's attempt to get his attorney general to reverse his decision.

In a Fox News interview, Gowdy said the FBI's use of Halper was not inappropriate, as Trump claims.

Gowdy was asked by host Martha MacCallum what he thinks about Trump's claims after attending a briefing last week with Federal Bureau of Investigation officials. "He offered it to me", Giuliani said.

"Gowdy doesn't get it", Hannity said.

The fight over Sessions's recusal marks another instance in which the White House has reached down into the Justice Department in ways no other administration has done.

Since that time, Trump has called Sessions "beleaguered" and in February referred to him as "Mr. Magoo" during a closed-door meeting reported by The Washington Post.

"He's really the ideal person to talk to about this, because he's seen a lot of things that the rest of us have not see", Napolitano said of Gowdy.

Giuliani said Trump and his team have to take the fight to the public with an eye to a possible impeachment fight.

Gowdy pointed out that no one knows whether Mueller is conducting a criminal investigation.

Interested in Russia Investigation?

THREAD: Are the revelations in today's @nytimes article, including Trump's repeated attempts to push Sessions to reassert control over the Russian Federation investigation, evidence of obstruction of justice?

How exactly does this constitute obstruction of justice?

After the interview with Gowdy ended, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano echoed the oversight chairman's sentiments.

"And when he asks "Should I have done that?' I say 'No, the way it is now has worked out", Giuliani said. "Say in private what you've said publicly".

So far, 19 individuals have been indicted as a result of the ongoing inquiry, though neither the president's children, his son-in-law Jared Kushner nor members of his current inner circle have been implicated in wrongdoing by the special counsel.

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