Stormy Daniels' lawyer ends bid for role in Cohen case

Stormy Daniels' lawyer ends bid for role in Cohen case

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized over a dozen electronic devices in what prosecutors said was a probe into possible fraud involving Cohen's business interests.

Wood was not persuaded, dismissing Cohen's concerns and those of an attorney for the Trump Organization who argued that a faster pace might degrade the review.

Until now, a court-appointed special master has been overseeing scrutiny of the materials with Cohen's lawyers, but Wood suggested in a hearing in U.S. District Court that the process was moving too slowly.

We also found out prosecutors are trying to piece together documents from a shredder acquired during the raid.

The lawyers said it will take until mid-July to finish their review.

In a listening to in Manhattan on Wednesday, Choose Kimba Wooden of the Southern District of NY set a deadline of June 15 to finish their assessment, regardless of strenuous objections from Cohen's authorized workforce.

Shortly after the listening to, Avenatti withdrew his utility for admission with out prejudice, which means he might select to resume the movement at a later time, although he doesn't seem like stepping again from the case.

But he withdrew the request after a court hearing Wednesday in NY in which a judge told him that while he is free to speak out now, he would have to end his "publicity tour on TV and elsewhere" if he entered the case.

In the recent dust-up with the Journal, Avenatti said he was completely cooperating with federal authorities regarding the investigation into Cohen, and that he and Daniels would continue cooperating.

Ryan's complaints weren't limited to Avenatti's TV appearances.

Avenatti has also asked Wood to allow him to represent Daniels in the Cohen case.

Hendon then blasted Avenatti's court filing stating that Egan Avenatti was not the law firm for Daniels' as "carefully constructed" and "misleading".

The FBI is still working to access two blackberries, as well as going through the contents of a shredding machine, lawyers said.

He said that Ryan "admitted that there are audio recordings that Michael Cohen was taking for years, and that those recordings are, to quote him, 'not only do they exist, but they are under lock and key, ' and some of them relate to my client and her attorney-client privilege communications". Trump denies it. Daniels was not in court Wednesday.

"Candidly, he shouldn't be asking us to answer questions; he should be asked to answer questions", Ryan said.

While Avenatti commanded most of the court's attention, the government and Cohen's attorneys did update the court on their progress.

Public discussion of the case by participants could "potentially deprive him [Cohen] of a fair trial by potentially tainting a jury pool", Wood said, calling the proceedings a "potential precursor to a criminal proceeding if charges are filed".

"I've never seen an attorney conduct himself in a manner that Avenatti has", Cohen's attorney Stephen Ryan said in court Wednesday, noting that Avenatti's promotion of Cohen's bank records and other materials earlier this month was "reckless and improper". Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is suing Trump in order to void a non-disclosure agreement about an alleged affair with the president. Avenatti's motion, he said, was "sidestepping his intentionally malicious and prejudicial release of that information".

Avenatti snapped at her, saying her client, the president, has tweeted and spoken about this case in the media in great detail.

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