Trump tells pardoned conservative author conviction was ‘fishy’

Trump tells pardoned conservative author conviction was ‘fishy’

"I got to tell you man-to-man you've been screwed, '" D'Souza told "Fox & Friends" on Friday.

The White House later issued an official statement saying D'Souza was, "in the president's opinion, a victim of selective prosecution" - an opinion that was roundly rejected by a federal judge when D'Souza was sentenced.

D'Souza claimed his conviction was politically motivated because Obama was angry over a movie he had made about him.

Mr Trump has pardoned other notable conservatives convicted of various offences.

Trump on Thursday also talked about the other people he might pardon. Fitzgerald, named special counsel by Comey to investigate the unauthorized leak of the identity of an undercover Central Intelligence Agency agent, also won the conviction of Libby, a top aide to then-Vice President Dick Cheney, for obstruction of justice and perjury in that case in 2007.

President Donald Trump said Thursday he's considering commuting the sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who was convicted of corruption, and pardoning lifestyle entrepreneur Martha Stewart, who served a stint in federal prison after being convicted of charges related to a stock sale. "But these are infractions and crimes that are rarely prosecuted, and many believe that he was the subject of some selective prosecution from the previous administration", Shah said on Fox News Channel. He also noted that Blagojevich is a Democrat. Blagojevich, who once appeared as a guest on Trump's 2010 "Celebrity Apprentice" show, has been in prison since 2012.

Stewart - who had her own "Apprentice" show in 2005, a spinoff of Trump's show - was prosecuted by James Comey when he was the USA attorney in Manhattan.

D'Souza never received any jail time. He is also a former commentator on NPR.

D'Souza had plead guilty in 2014 to federal campaign finance law violations.

But prosecutors said the charges were nonpolitical and arose out of the FBI's "routine review" of campaign filings.

Comey, a frequent target of Trump's verbal attacks, was the USA attorney for the Southern District of NY when Stewart was arrested.

D'Souza said in one of the tweets that it was the "worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs". "That is what we did in this case and what we will continue to do".

At the time D'Souza made the contribution, individual Americans were prohibited from donating more than $5,000 (Rs 3.37 lakh) to a single candidate.

D'Souza said he was surprised when he got a call at his office from the president.

The latest figure to receive a pardon, the Republican pundit and provocateur D'Souza, was fined $30,000 and sentenced in September 2014 to five years of probation for making illegal campaign contributions.

Underwood called on lawmakers to act now to close New York's double jeopardy loophole and ensure that anyone who evades federal justice by virtue of a politically expedient pardon can be held accountable if they violate NY law.

"This kind of legal bludgeoning tactic is used not only against the guilty, but against the innocent", he said, explaining that the pardon will give him back his right to vote.

He also said he might move to limit Blagojevich's sentence, indicating that he thought it was excessive.

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