MacOS 10.14 getting dark mode, Apple News, and possibly cross-device apps

MacOS 10.14 getting dark mode, Apple News, and possibly cross-device apps

It has received a full redesign including the addition of few new applications which are mentioned later in the article.

On Monday, at the 2018 WWDC conference in San Jose, CA, Apple leaders unveiled Mojave, version 10.14 of its macOS operating system. This also means that Apple is open to a darker UI and iOS 13, or a future iOS 12 update might bring in this feature, too.

A new "Dark Mode" transforms the desktop with a dramatic new look that puts the focus on user content.

While Apple is making it easier to port apps to macOS, it is shying away from detailing the monetization plan which remains a concern for developers. A Dynamic Desktop function then automatically changes the desktop to coincide with the time of day. Any new content added to the desktop subsequently will be automatically added to specific stacks.

Users can customise their Stacks to sort based on other file attributes like date and tags. The first is Apple News, a centralized reader for all the user's most favorite publications and news sources.

macOS Mojave Release DateWhat you need to know about macOS Mojave.

Finder has a new gallery view where users can skim through files visually. You can also quickly view metadata of any file in a tab on the right-hand side of the Finder window. This facility is enabled through Quick Look that provides a fast, full-size preview of a file only with a click on the spacebar. Voice Memos makes it easy to record personal notes, lectures, meetings, interviews and song ideas, and access them from iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Home app coming to Mac. A similar framework will be made available to developers in late 2019 to introduce their iOS apps to macOS.

Apple has brought apps from iOS to macOS Mojave, including News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home, the app's configurations and features are synced with their iOS counterparts over iCloud. A fresh leak suggests that macOS 10.14 for MacBook laptops and Mac desktops is getting a new dark mode, and the Apple News app as well. New quick actions will also be available in Finder to help automate the creation of work documents and other projects. New and updated apps are highlighted in the Discover tab, while tabs for Create, Work, Play, and Develop aid in locating certain apps for a specific objective. The new App Store has been redesigned from the ground up with a brand new user interface, making it easier to navigate, discover and explore new apps.

After announcing iOS 12 earlier this afternoon, Apple moved on to its macOS desktop operating system.

A new update to Safari will see the addition of Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which will stop social media buttons such as "Like" and "Share" that are commonly found on websites from tracking users without their permission.

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