New Italian government says 'party is over' for migrants arriving by boat

New Italian government says 'party is over' for migrants arriving by boat

The League-5-Star government which faces confidence votes in Parliament on Tuesday, when its positon on Russian Federation could come up.

Mr Mattarella had rejected Mr Conte's original choice for finance minister.

After the ceremony, Conte headed to the premier's office to formally take the reins - and a symbolic little bell - from ex-Premier Paolo Gentiloni.

At 13 500 so far this year, refugee arrivals in Italy are down.

Italian media reported that the lineup will face a vote of confidence on Monday or Tuesday in both houses of parliament, which it is nearly certain to win thanks to Five Star and the League's combined majority in parliament. "Send them home" will be one of our top priorities", he said.

While confirming Italy's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commitments, the new government's policy agenda calls for lifting European Union sanctions against Russian Federation as well as the opening of dialogue and partnerships, given Moscow's economic, commercial and strategic importance.

Mr. Di Maio also wants to force companies that leave Italy for other countries in the European Union to return their government incentives.

"Without promising any miracles, I can say that, after the first months of this government of change, I would like us to have a country with a little less tax and a little more security, a few more jobs and a few less illegal immigrants", a gleeful Salvini said at a rally.

On Friday, the 5-Stars' clinched their quest for national power, after five years in Parliament as the largest opposition party.

On Friday, a beaming Di Maio stood before Mattarella and recited the loyalty oath - he'll serve as minister of labour and economic development.

Salvini, is the head of the right-wing League and a Deputy Prime Minister in the Euroskeptic coalition. Salvini has promised to reduce numbers further and speed up expulsions.

The latest comments from Mr Salvini came after more than 50 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean on Sunday, with 48 bodies found off the southern coast of Tunisia. Nigel Farage, a British force behind the successful Brexit movement, advised Italy's populists to "stay strong or the bully boys will be after you".

The alliance between the M5S and the League will have only a relatively narrow majority in the Italian senate, easing concerns among investors and officials in Brussels over the new government's decision-making.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told a conference Thursday that he loved Italy, but refused to accept the frequent pass-the-blame mantra by Italian politicians that Italy's ills are the fault of the EU.

"We have full confidence in the capacity and willingness of the new government to engage constructively with its European partners and EU institutions to uphold Italy's central role in the common European project", Andreeva said.

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