E3 Trailer: ‘Super Mario Party’ Coming to Nintendo Switch

E3 Trailer: ‘Super Mario Party’ Coming to Nintendo Switch

Moreover, every character has been tweaked or updated for the new game, some with more minor variations and others with overhauled looks gamers will discover as they play.

The Smash Amiibo line is about to get an ultimate refresh.

"But aside from Fortnite, there were no major third-party surprises, which is perhaps a little disappointing, although also a reflection of the seasonality of Nintendo's business, with lots of releases coming towards the end of the year".

Prequel DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was shown. You want to play old games online? This latest iteration is inspired by the original Mario Party, and will have its share of new mini-games - including ones that'll make use of the Joy-Con controllers. Hopefully Mew won't be locked behind a pay wall for a novelty controller, or there will be hell to pay with completionist Pokemon Trainers.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the first Switch entry in the long-running tactics series, was also unveiled. Even more exciting, is the fact that both titles will be available to download later today through the Nintendo Store. Fire Emblem: Three Houses looks ludicrously handsome, but beyond confirmation of a Spring 2019 release date there's not much more to say. Furthermore, Final Smashes across the board have been shortened to allow players to return to the action as fast as possible. The player can maneuver the main character freely and interact with other characters to build relationships and gather information at various points within the game.

Nintendo didn't mess around during its E3 presentation. And it served as a pleasant reminder that this series is an incredible amount of fun.

Lucky enough to snag a ticket to the coveted VIP area, we were able to test our mettle against some of the best fighting game players and Twitch streamers - and while we expected to walk away ashamed, the results were surprising. Ultimate, Nintendo has some good news for you. This team-based multiplayer battle is simple to get into, with only one button to work with, but requires coordination if your hive is to claim victory. Its release is not far, as Super Mario Party releases on October 5th, 2018. Metroid villain Ridley was used during a live demo, which also showcased new moves and levels.

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