Google Home smart speakers hit by glitch UK News

Google Home smart speakers hit by glitch UK News

Google has confirmed an apparent malfunction in both of their Home smart speakers, Google Home and Google Home mini, and Chromecast devices, the plug-in video caster for T.V.s.

@madebygoogle Since today when i say OK GOOGLE, home replies me with "Google home has not setup yet".

However Google's Twitter account was soon inundated with complaints from around the world, including Spain, Ireland, India Argentina and New Zealand. Google's smart speaker line includes the Home, Home Max and Home Mini.

Users on the west coast of America began alerting Google to the outages on Tuesday evening Pacific time.

Google is not the only tech firm to have experienced disruption.

You should really push this info to people's Google Home apps.

For around 12 hours yesterday, the Google Home smart speaker and Chromecast dongle were inaccessible for millions of customers. However, it only acknowledged that there was a problem, continuing to evade requests for a reason or expected fix time.

Another said: "Can we get some info on what's going on?"

"We found a glitch with one of our backend systems and spent the day working hard to get everyone back up and running", the company said in the email.

Not all of our Google Home devices were having these issues - one in Marietta, Georgia, was working fine - but many were.

"We're aware of an issue affecting some Google Home and Chromecast users".

Update: Google has a fix ready, and has promised to automatically deploy it within six hours (as of roughly 6PM Eastern). "We're sorry that happened".

We've reached out to Google for comment, and we will update this article if and when we receive a response as well as when the issue is resolved.

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