Celebrities welcome LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers

Celebrities welcome LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James arrived at his decision to leave Cleveland for Los Angeles at some point over the weekend, with the official announcement coming late on Sunday night. Basketball's most glamorous franchise has never done irrelevance well. There will be far less fanfare surrounding James' joining of the Lakers than there was when he joined the Heat.

Charles Barkley thinks the Lakers need more pieces to contend. He took out a full page ad in the L.A. Times that read, "Dear Los Angeles, you're welcome". Given the recent Lakers, marching into the lottery to then stumble to the bottom of the division, this is a massive upgrade. One of general manager Koby Altman's most critical tasks will be deciding whether to retain or trade Kevin Love, who will make nearly $50 million the next two seasons.

Two years later, it was back to the Cavs. At the time, he had no way of knowing that the rookie the team had just drafted, Kobe Bryant, would prove to be a ideal complement to him on the court (regardless of how poorly they got along everywhere else). Riley, the Miami Heat president, coached Magic - the current Lakers president - and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to four National Basketball Association championships in the 1980s. Getting James to commit for as long as he did was certainly a big win for the Lakers, as they don't have to worry about him potentially leaving anytime soon.

But the Warriors obtained Kevin Durant after that loss and Golden State has gone 8-1 against the Cavs in the two NBA Finals since.

If they win again next year, it would be the three-peat - something that has only been achieved by legendary Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers teams in the modern era.

Gilbert went on to say the team wish James "nothing but the best in the years and decades ahead" and also said they looked forward to someday retiring the star's number 23 jersey.

That young core is excited about LeBron to the Lakers.

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There is also this. McGee is a skilled center.

The ball still may be in Cleveland's court.

In the end, James believed it was the right situation for him.

Heading into free agency there was no doubt LeBron James wanted to be a Laker, but plenty of people in the league were not convinced he would go on his own - he'd want another superstar player to come first.

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