Syria war: 270,000 displaced by fighting in south-west

Syria war: 270,000 displaced by fighting in south-west

At the meetings with Russian Federation, rebel negotiators sought to agree a deal for all of Deraa province to come back under government sovereignty, but without the army or police entering the area, an insurgent spokesman said.

Since June 19, Russian-backed government forces have been battering opposition-held parts of Daraa Province with airstrikes and barrel bombs, simultaneously calling on rebels to surrender.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 120,000 people have been displaced due to escalating bombardments against the rebels in Daraa.

Israel's military says it deployed additional tank and artillery forces on the Syrian front on Sunday as a precaution given intensified fighting over the border between regime's forces and the opposition.

The Israeli military said it took in six Syrians, including four young children, over the weekend for emergency medical treatment after their families were killed.

Meanwhile, a Jordanian government spokeswoman announced Saturday night that the army has begun to distribute humanitarian aid to the Syrians on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

According to a war monitoring group, the offensive has uprooted more than 120,000 civilians, driving a lot of them towards the border with Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Moscow is a key ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and a Russian air campaign launched in 2015 has helped him retake large areas of the country.

Daraa Governorate, which is located at the intersection of Jordan, the occupied Golan region and Lebanon, was declared a de-escalation zone in July 2017, when a trilateral ceasefire agreement was reached, with the US, Russia and Jordan as guarantors.

"We call on the global community to condemn the brutal breaching of the de-escalation zone... and take all possible measures to halt this assault on our people", SNC spokesman Yahya al-Aridi said in a statement.

The Observatory said that since the offensive began 11 days ago, 116 civilians have been killed including five on Saturday.

"Over 150,000 people have fled to the plains near the Jordanian border due to intense strikes by the Syrian regime and its allies on cities and towns in Daraa's countryside", White Helmets spokesman Amer Abu Zaid told Anadolu Agency.

Jordan has kept its border closed and said it will not take in any more refugees, while Israel has said it will not allow Syrians to cross into its territory.

The war has been going Assad's way since Russian Federation intervened on his side in 2015, when he held just a fraction of the country.

Southwest Syria was an early hotbed of the uprising against Assad in 2011 that morphed into the seven-year conflict that has cost over half a million lives and pushed half the country's pre-war population from their homes.

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