Colombian Drug Gang Puts $70K Bounty On German Shepherd — BRUHNews

Colombian Drug Gang Puts $70K Bounty On German Shepherd — BRUHNews

One Colombian drug syndicate has already put a $70,000 bounty on Sombra's furry head, looking to quickly quash the 6-year-old canine crimefighter, officials said.

In response to the threats, Sombra was relocated from the port city of Turbo in northern Colombia to Bogota's El Dorado International Airport, where police hope that distance from the group's stronghold will keep her safe.

Colombia's soaring output of coca - the raw material of cocaine - is testing traditionally close relations with the United States.

"Our German shepherd, Sombra, has participated in nearly 300 operations", Col. Tito Castellanos, the deputy director for the anti-narcotics police, told Colombian news agency RCN.

Colombia is considered the world's largest producer of cocaine.

President-elect Iván Duque is promising a tougher approach to speed up eradication with strategies that could include aerial spraying and the use of drones. But even with advanced technology, experts say on-the-ground detective work like that performed by Sombra is critical.

Some of Sombra's recent busts include uncovering over five tons of Gulf Clan cocaine destined for Europe and concealed in crates of bananas.

It comes as no surprise to Colombian police, who say Sombra, meaning "Shadow" in English, has led to the seizure of nine tonnes of cocaine and the arrest of 245 suspects, many of whom are linked to Urabenos.

Drug cartels like the Gulf Clan have taken note.

The anti-narcotics division of the Colombian National Police Force tweeted that Sombra tormented cartel boss Dairo Antonio "Otoniel" Usuga for the past three years. Investigators uncovered the threat against Sombra through an intercepted phone call.

Sombra is also being protected by additional officers in addition to being moved to the Bogota airport, The Daily Telegraph reported. "She is playful. In fact, during training this is part of her work - not just finding the caches of illicit drugs". A few months ago, the tenacious hound sniffed out 77 kilos of cocaine placed deep inside an industrial machine.

"We are responsible for her safety", said Rojas.

Sombra wasn't fooled by the labels-her nose told her what was hidden inside.

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