President Trump Denies Claims He Knew About Meeting With Russians

President Trump Denies Claims He Knew About Meeting With Russians

President Trump denied a CNN report that he knew in advance that his son Donald Trump Jr. and other campaign officials planned to meet with a group of Russians in June 2016 who said they had dirt on 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Cohen is willing to make that assertion to special counsel Robert Mueller, NBC said.

The meeting occurred at Trump Tower in June 2016 with Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Donald Trump Jr.'s attorney Alan Futerfas issued a statement Thursday saying Trump Jr.

The rebuttals came after a CNN report, widely followed by United States media outlets, that Mr Cohen is prepared to claim that the president knew about a now-infamous meeting in Trump Tower before the presidential election.

One Cohen tape that has surfaced reflects him and Trump in a 2016 discussion that appears to concern a woman who claimed to have had an affair with Trump.

Trump's present lawyer, Rudi Giuliani rubbished Cohen's claims, seeking to discredit his predecessor as "not credible".

"Michael Cohen can't be believed unless it's corroborated five times", Giuliani said. In response, a source close to Cohen mocked Giuliani, saying, "You mean Rudy is floating reckless, fact-free, false, wild speculation as if he were unhinged?"

The difference, Giuliani said Sunday, is that he has since learned that Cohen secretly taped clients, including Trump.

He also told CNN: "He's been lying all week, he's been lying for years".

"Sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam (Taxi cabs maybe?)", Trump tweeted, referring to reports that the FBI is examining Cohen's businesses in New York's taxi industry as part of a separate investigation into the lawyer. "And so, I think Cohen has every reason at this point to actually be telling the truth", Connolly said.

Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

Allen Weisselberg, a top Trump Organization official and the company's longtime chief financial officer, has been subpoenaed to testify as part of the ongoing criminal investigation into President Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the investigation.

The Thursday reports of Cohen's claims is further evidence that Cohen could flip on Trump in the Russian Federation investigation - which would be a nightmare for Trump's legal team.

Jay Goldberg, another former Trump lawyer, argued Friday on CNN's "Erin Burnett Out Front" that Giuliani "immeasurably" damaged his case against Cohen with the sudden shift in tone.

Still, Nunberg noted that Trump would have known about the Russian Federation lawyer meeting "under normal circumstances".

Mr Trump said they would soon be on their way home. The Times also reported in June that Trump personally dictated a misleading statement about the goal of the meeting, even after his aides repeatedly denied that he did so.

To be clear, that case has not been proven and Trump and everyone else in the Trump camp denies it. They also note that two days before the meeting, Trump mysteriously announced plans to give a "major speech" about Clinton's scandals. The Russian government said through intermediaries to Trump Jr. that it was supporting Trump and wanted to help the campaign. Trump Jr. told Congress he didn't remember with whom he spoke.

Trump has repeatedly raged that the Mueller probe is a "witch hunt" and that there was "no collusion" with Russians by his campaign.

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