Iran dismisses U.S. talks offer as Trump reimposes sanctions

Iran dismisses U.S. talks offer as Trump reimposes sanctions

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that sanctions reimposed on Iran were the "most biting ever" as he warned other countries from doing business with Tehran.

Those sanctions target financial transactions that involve US dollars, Iran's automotive sector, the purchase of commercial planes and metals, including gold.

But a second tranche coming into effect on November 5 covering Iran's vital oil sector, could be far more damaging - even if several key customers such as China, India and Turkey have refused to significantly cut their purchases.

"We are determined to protect European economic operators engaged in legitimate business with Iran", she said in a statement co-signed by the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany.

The other parties to the 2015 nuclear agreement - Britain, France, Germany, China and Russian Federation - say Iran was abiding by its commitments and have vowed to salvage the deal by ensuring economic benefits continue to flow to the country.

Most Iranians have tuned out the endless United States hostility, with which they have lived for four decades, so their anger is mostly directed at their own leaders.

Much of the damage has already been done, with Trump's aggressive rhetoric fueling a run on the rial in recent months, while worsening inflation has stoked public protests against the government's management of the economy that have intensified over the past week.

"We are encouraging small and medium enterprises in particularly to increase business with and in Iran as part of something that is for us a security priority", Mogherini told journalists during a visit to New Zealand.

USA secretary of state Mike Pompeo said sanctions are an important pillar in American policy toward Iran and will remain in place until the Iranian government radically changes course.

"If the ayatollahs want to get out from under the squeeze, they should come and sit down".

He says the move is needed to prevent Iranian nuclear ambitions.

But Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was unimpressed by the offer.

Rouhani said that Trump's call for direct negotiations with Iran were "only for domestic consumption in America. and to create chaos in Iran". "That's the ask. It's pretty simple", said Pompeo, en route Sunday from a three-nation trip to Southeast Asia.

He dismissed a United States call for talks, saying "we are always in favour of diplomacy and talks..."

He blasted the agreement yet again yesterday, calling it a "horrible, one-sided deal (that) failed to achieve the fundamental objective of blocking all paths to an Iranian nuclear bomb".

The US has long designated Iran as the world's foremost state sponsor of terrorism, Pompeo noted Sunday, adding that the Islamic Republic can not expect to be treated as an equal in the global community until it halts such activities.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the sanctions symbolize "the determination to block Iran's regional aggression as well as its continuous plans to arm itself with nuclear weapons".

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