The Academy Announces Changes To The Oscars, Adds A New Category

The Academy Announces Changes To The Oscars, Adds A New Category

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced Wednesday morning that the prestigious award show is going to be making some changes, including a new category that will be centered around "achievement in popular film".

From next year, there will be an award for outstanding achievement in popular film, the first time a new Oscar has been introduced since best animated film in 2001.

We are committed to producing an entertaining show in three hours, delivering a more accessible Oscars for our viewers worldwide. The Hollywood Reporter reports that, after the last few Oscars telecast dwindled in audience numbers - the 2018 broadcast reaching new lows with 26.5 million viewers - a large shakeup is coming, one that is meant to bring mainstream focus back on the prestigious awards show.

The board of governors announced the changes in a letter to academy members after the board's Tuesday meeting. The 2019 ceremony will still air February 24. Bailey and Hudson said eligibility requirements will be determined at a later date.

Last year, "Wonder Woman's" complete shutout aroused an uproar from many who consider the first female-headlined superhero film award-worthy, and as Woerner pointed out, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" was nominated for eight Academy Awards, but not best picture. The 2019 ceremony will still air on February 24, while the 2020 show will move to February 9.

The film academy is also shifting the date for the 92nd Academy Awards to earlier in the year. However, these winners will still be televised later in the broadcast, in the form of montage videos that will air later in the evening. Is Best Popular Film a good idea or not? However, if such massive changes are in order, it's possible that the Academy is in a hurry to see if these modifications will have the intended effect of renewing interest in the prestigious awards show.

- Damian Pietrzak (@Damiansport1)We need to see all categories and awards, please do not give anything in commercial breaks.

The new Popular Film category is bound to be controversial, even before concrete details about it have been confirmed.

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