Turnbull Dutton Leadership Vote

Turnbull Dutton Leadership Vote

Turnbull also confirmed he offered Dutton the opportunity to stay on in the position but Dutton felt he could not stay on after challenging for the leadership.

Peter Dutton is contesting Malcolm Turnbull for the leadership of the Liberal party in a party room meeting. "Unity is absolutely critical", Turnbull told reporters in Canberra.

Mr Turnbull's original energy policy, which was trying to deliver cheaper energy, more reliability and lower emissions, enjoyed broad support - even in his party room.

Mr Dutton's bid for the leadership came unstuck in a Liberal Party meeting on Tuesday.

The incumbent, foreign minister Julie Bishop, was the only one who threw her hat in the ring and she held onto the role.

"You have to wonder whether Peter Dutton can win the centre, not just win back One Nation votes".

The motion failed when all government lawmakers in the lower house of parliament backed their embattled leader despite a prolonged Labor attack.

"They want us to know that we should be concentrating on the things that are important to them". But he must return to the polls by May next year and could break the impasse by calling an early election.

"Voters will do what they always do - they react very badly to internal tensions, to disunity", Economou said.

"We've seen it so often in Australian politics - this two-stage act play in removing a prime minister - and, given how close the vote was, there's definitely more to come", said Haydon Manning, a political science professor at Flinders University in South Australia state.

Entsch did not name Tony Abbott but quoted the former prime minister to make it clear that he deserved some of the blame for the government's plight.

Mr Turnbull's U-turn alters a key plank of his signature energy policy, and follows a revolt by conservative MPs within his government.

The prime minister caved in to their demands to remove emissions reduction targets from the legislation, but it still wasn't enough.

Instead of directly targeting Turnbull, Dutton said "The critique I am willing to provide is in relation to Bill Shorten because I think he is unfit to be Prime Minister of this country".

On Monday Turnbull had declared he had Dutton's "full support".

Mr Dutton has now resigned from his Home Affairs portfolio, creating a big gap in Cabinet that Mr Turnbull will have to fill.

He briefly thanked his colleagues for their "considerable support", talked about his pride for the Home Affairs portfolio, and then recounted his parliamentary experience, including serving as assistant treasurer in the Howard government under Peter Costello. He won that vote, as he did on Tuesday, 48-35.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells, in her letter of resignation, criticised the Liberal Party for moving too far to the left.

"Our conservative base strongly feel that their voice has been eroded", Fierravanti-Wells said.

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