Trump Lambasts Jeff Sessions...Again

Trump Lambasts Jeff Sessions...Again

In the ongoing saga between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump, a group of Southern, Republican Senators are stepping out in defense of their longtime colleague, Sessions. But his latest tweeted tirade over the Justice Department's decision to bring criminal charges against two Republican congressmen represents a grotesque new low that should alarm anyone who cares about our democracy.

On Monday, Trump accused Sessions of jeopardizing Republicans' chances in the midterm elections by bringing charges against two GOP congressmen in August.

The book says Trump vented to an aide that Sessions' decision to recuse himself from the Russian Federation probe was "the ultimate betrayal" and called him a "traitor".

Duncan Hunter of California faces accusations that include spending campaign funds for personal expenses, while Chris Collins of NY has been charged with insider trading.

On Aug. 8, Congressman Christopher Collins, a Republican who was candidate Trump's first supporter in the House, was charged with participating in an insider trading scheme involving an Australian biotechnology company on whose board he served.

Both have proclaimed their innocence.

The Justice Department raised the prospect of a possible investigation as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey concluded their testimony today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, where they addressed efforts to prevent foreign abuse of their platforms.

"When the president says these things - basically, "I want to you use Justice Department to help the Republican Party" - that is fodder for the cannon of Bob Mueller and Never Trumpers and all those who wish the president ill", Napolitano said.

I may not agree with everything Jeff Sessions believes in, but he certainly deserves credit for hanging in there and taking the Justice Department job serious enough to let Rod Rosenstein do his job. Collins suspended his campaign days after he was indicted, while Hunter is continuing to campaign for re-election.

He tweeted: "This is a awful situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the White House in Washington in 2017. Lindsey Graham of SC told reporters recently.

Baker noted that after Watergate, presidents were "careful to restrict White House communications with anyone at Justice except the attorney general, and even then, keeping records of any communication".

Corker, a retiring Tennessee Republican, added that Trump's disdain for institutions like the Justice Department shows his "lack of appreciation for democratic values and institutions", warning he would turn the country into Venezuela "if left to his own accord".

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, said the tweet indicated Trump and Sessions "do not have a healthy relationship".

That has left the attorney general's position seeming tenuous at best, though Trump recently told Bloomberg News that Sessions was safe, at least until after the November mid-term elections.

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