Fortnite Season 6's New Shadow Stones Removed Due To A Bug

Fortnite Season 6's New Shadow Stones Removed Due To A Bug

Here's what's new with Fortnite Season 6. So, what's new in the Battle Pass for season 6? According to reports, the game will lock up on the loading screen, rendering them unable to access the season 6 update.

The images perhaps give credence to the theory that the theme of Season 6 will be an evil mirror universe, brought on by Kevin the cube's journey and the cryptic runes now sitting at the bottom of Loot Lake.

Fortnite players noticed something unusual about the new Calamity skin in the season six update: her breasts have an undeniable jiggle when she performs the "Jubilation" emote. These areas are home to new "Shadow Stones", new consumable items in the environment that will apply a "Shadow Form" to your character-while you'll be unable to use weapons in this state, you can turn invisible while stationary and phase through objects.

Shadow Stones grant players invisibility for 45 seconds when consumed but will also remove your ability to use weapons.

While you won't find breast physics in Fortnite anymore, there should be plenty more features that'll make you just as happy in Season 6. The cube has left areas of the map corrupted, prompting a haunting renovation and the creation of the new Stones. Changes have been made to the circle, which now has a shortened wait time for shrinking but takes longer to shrink.

On console, matchmaking will now be based on input.

But if everything does go smoothly, Fortnite fans could be enjoying season 6 by midday in the UK.

Epic has vaulted the suppressed submachine gun, impulse grenade, light machine gun and remote explosives as well. Epic says players using mouse and keyboard on PS4 will "now be put into the PC matchmaking pool". Unfortunately, the team over at Epic Games have had a rough time since the launch of the new season, resulting in the temporary removal of the new item.

As is always the case after the a major Fortnite update, data miners have been hard at work finding things in the V6.0 patch files.

Once again, the most significant changes in Battle Royale are to the map.

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