Google launching Pixel 3 smartphones in more markets, Business News & Top Stories

Google launching Pixel 3 smartphones in more markets, Business News & Top Stories

Charging is entirely wireless with the Pixel Stand, and at the same time, your phone becomes a display (akin to a smart home set-up) that plays music, transition to a photo frame when idle plus a handful of other tricks unique only to the Pixel 3.

Google said in a blog post on Tuesday that it recently delivered some Google Home speakers within 10 minutes of ordering using drones from Alphabet's Wing. I was downright surprised at how small Google's hub is: You can literally hold it in one hand. The Google Home Hub also doesn't have Netflix or Hulu built in, while the Echo Show does.

Google Pixel Slate is a tablet that features a 12.3-inch display with a resolution of 3000x2000.

So what does the Google Home Hub bring to the table compared to its hardware partner devices? The camera uses a special computational photography technique called Super Res Zoom, which produces sharp details when you zoom.

It's hardly a secret that businesses must take voice-controlled devices seriously.

Google is doing a couple nifty things with Google Home's software, however, and that makes this whole initiative make a lot of sense. Google announced some very cool new software features that will help further enhance the camera experience on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and one in particular was put to the test earlier this week. Unlike basically every other Android manufacturer that has a notch on their phone and give you the option to hide it easily Google are not making it easy.

There's also better integration with Google's Nest products. The bulbs and Google Home connect via Bluetooth, which frees up your Wi-Fi network for other uses.

They'll all start shipping from November 1st, 2019.

Both phones have been made available for pre-order already.

Whilst the current Pixel 2/2XL offers the option between traditional software buttons and gesture navigation, Google claims the upgrade represents a shift in "all Android phones going forward". What Google Home Users now need is a screen to be able to enjoy a display of everything they are not getting form the Google Home. The Google Home Hub has acceptable audio, but it won't fill the room at full volume. However, as the technology advances, so is the need for a Smart Speaker that can do more than just that, which is what led to the creation of Google's Lenovo Smart Display. While it's nice for adding visual elements to Google Assistant, it's not the kind of thing I can see myself watching movies or TV on.

Aside from slight software or feature differences between the Google Hub and now available smart displays, the real star is the single, cohesive interface Google is bringing to the smart home here.

The smart home consumer at-large however just wants a clean, simple way to interact with the devices they have.

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