Trump dubs Steyer, bomb plot target, a 'lunatic'

Trump dubs Steyer, bomb plot target, a 'lunatic'

Sayoc told investigators after he was arrested in Plantation on Friday that the pipe bombs wouldn't have hurt anyone, and that he didn't want to hurt anyone, according to a law enforcement official.

Friday night, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents questioned a person at a Broward County residence with a potential connection to Sayoc, but nothing came of the interview, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the probe.

FBI Director Christopher Wray also revealed Friday that the pipe bombs allegedly sent by Sayoc were viable bombs not hoaxes, telling a press conference 'These are not explosive devices'. On Friday, he was identified by authorities as the Florida man who put pipe bombs in small manila envelopes, affixed six stamps and sent them to some of Donald Trump's most prominent critics. Among them: former President Barack Obama, former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, actor Robert DeNiro and billionaire financier and political megadonor George Soros.

The newspaper appears to suggest, without saying outright, that Trump's criticism of his opponents fueled Sayoc's mail-bombing spree.

Additional packages followed, delivered the next day for Clinton and Obama and after that to the cable network CNN, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democratic targets of conservative ire.

Officials said they expect Sayoc will be moved to New York City swiftly where he will face indictment on multiple criminal charges.

"Political violence must never ever be allowed in America and I will do everything in my power to stop it".

WASHINGTON (AP) - In the hours before his arrest, as federal authorities zeroed in and secretly accumulated evidence, Cesar Sayoc was in his element: spinning classic and Top 40 hits in a nightclub where he'd found work as a DJ.

"I didn't know this guy was mad insane like this", said Stacy Saccal, the club's manager.

A Facebook profile that appeared to belong to Sayoc featured videos and photos of him at multiple Trump rallies, including at least one in Florida.

The front page of the print edition of the Post on October 28 blamed Trump for both the synagogue shooting and the mail bombs, proclaiming, in a news headline, that "Trump, allies set the tone for the violence they denounce, critics say".

One law enforcement official said the fingerprint discovery was a major breakthrough. "I just figured he was passionate about the upcoming elections".

Sayoc was arrested at an AutoZone in Aventura, Fla.

The lawyer said Sayoc was a bodybuilder then, and displayed no political leanings except for plastering a vehicle he owned with Native American signs.

"I think that everybody on the Democratic side would look at that shooter of Congressman Scalise and absolutely condemn his action, him and anyone associated with him", Steyer said, referring to the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., during a congressional baseball practice a year ago.

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