President Obama will rally for Democrats in Florida this Friday

President Obama will rally for Democrats in Florida this Friday

Many of those seats could also go to women, as female candidates galvanized in part by the Women's March and #MeToo movement are running in unprecedented numbers, mostly as Democrats.

"Clearly the Kavanaugh confirmation was an inflection point to activate the Republican base, and even pull over some Democratic men", said Rob Stutzman, a Republican consultant based in California. As of September 30, the House Republican Campaign Committee had raised $3.1 million compared to the House Democrats' $379,146. In Senate races, Democrats have raised $513 million and Republicans $361 million.

Democrats are emphasizing to voters that state Republicans cut specialty care for some Medicaid recipients, eliminated the state's pharmacy-assistance program and passed "right to work" legislation that was overwhelmingly rejected by Missouri voters in August.

Florida's gubernatorial race has increasingly received national attention, especially after Gillum's impressive showing against DeSantis during last week's debates.

On Saturday 11 people were shot dead in a mass shooting inside a Pittsburg synagogue. That's not to say Republicans are strapped for cash, but they aren't rolling in it like many Democratic candidates are.

But Pence added, "I think we all know what President Trump thinks of conventional wisdom".

US President Donald Trump and his team is leaving no stone unturned to campaign in favour of his Republican party ahead of the crucial November 6 mid-term polls which will decide the balance of powers in the Congress over next two years. "But the reality is that many voters in this country hold Donald Trump responsible for the divisive rhetoric these days".

Given that the two chambers are going to be crucial in fulfilling his political agenda as he goes for re-election in 2020, Trump for the past several weeks has been campaigning several days a week in support of the Republican party.

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