Watch John Lewis Dance To 'Happy' At Stacey Abrams Campaign Event

Watch John Lewis Dance To 'Happy' At Stacey Abrams Campaign Event

The Georgia Department of Economic Development said there were 320 films and TV shows shot in the state past year, generating an economic impact of $9.5 billion, including $2.7 billion in direct spending. A top Abrams aide said Kemp and Trump have contributed to a poisonous atmosphere, and that Kemp has been silent on previous racially loaded attacks on Abrams.

The preliminary injunction she issued required the state to change its procedures immediately to allow those flagged, some 3,100 individuals, to prove their citizenship more easily, with a USA passport or similar documentation and only to a poll manager.

Civil rights groups raised concerns about the "Exact Match" law, accusing Republican gubernatorial candidate and Secretary of State Brian Kemp of engaging in voter suppression of minorities amid a tight race against Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams.

Pence "said Thursday a vote for Brian Kemp is tantamount to support for President Donald Trump".

A judge on Friday issued an injunction ordering the state to change its procedure to allow people flagged as noncitizens greater opportunity to prove their citizenship at the polls.

Voting rights groups had sued over Georgia's practice of rejecting absentee ballots and applications because of a mismatched signature is unconstitutional. A District Court judge granted the temporary restraining order last week, prompting the state to appeal the decision.

"I heard Oprah is in town today". "I am here today because Stacey Abrams cares about the things that matter".

The cultural icon said she is a political independent who has "earned the right to think for myself and to vote for myself".

Kemp did not address the robocalls at his only scheduled campaign stop on Saturday, at a Cuban restaurant in a north-Atlanta suburb. And in many cases, county poll workers can help solve problems on the spot, Kemp's office said.

"It's like a domino effect", said Sara Henderson, executive director of Common Cause Georgia, about the voting issues in Georgia.

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