Seattle awarded new XFL team to play at CenturyLink Field

Seattle awarded new XFL team to play at CenturyLink Field

In its first incarnation, the XFL, which was conceived as an outdoor football league that would take place during the NFL off-season, survived just one season having sought to fuse the sport with the over-the-top theatrics of pro wrestling.

"This stadium is one of our nation's finest venues for sports and entertainment.", New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said at a news conference at MetLife Stadium. NBC had previously agreed to two seasons for the first run of the XFL in 2001 before backing out of the second year in response to declining ratings. For now, the Jets and Giants better prepare themselves for some new offseason tennants.

Luck also announced plans for a shorter play clock in the XFL, while games will be played in under three hours and TV timeouts will be limited.

The XFL held a press conference today in New Jersey, announcing the host cities and venues for the re-launch of the XFL.

"The XFL will offer fast-paced games with fewer play stoppages and simpler rules", the league said in a news release. Ticket prices will be "significantly lower" than other USA professional sports leagues, he added. Luck says they want to listen to fans and say they already have great ideas from them. It's a game that's fan-centric, innovative and technologically advanced with real-time fan engagement.

He said that their ideas for the league and their reimagined version of football are now being tested.

Vince McMahon speaks about the XFL in 2000.

The commissioner also said that he expects most of the players to come from the large pool of guys who can't stick on an National Football League roster.

"Hundreds of players are cut every year from National Football League teams". He mentioned the hundreds of players that get cut from the National Football League and they will be invited to try out for the XFL. The AAF also has eight teams and a 10-week schedule but has targeted mid-size markets.

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